Do you find yourself admiring nature and wildlife photos and wishing you were the one who took the photo? Maybe you are a photographer who is just starting out, and you are fascinated by nature or wildlife photography. It might look complex, but you can do it if you are dedicated. The steps you should follow are as follows.

Get a Website

Every photographer must have a website. In this digital age, your website acts as a link to your portfolio. It is where you get to showcase your work. It is also the place where people who are interested in photography like yours can find you. In short, you will have a difficult time excelling in photography if you have not put some thought into your website. Choose a design that matches your personality and one that supports photos. Once you have a website, you can slowly start to build a portfolio that can later market you when you start getting established.

Learn the Basics of Nature/Wildlife Photography

You need to know how much you should open your lens if you want to capture astrophotography. You also need to learn the different kinds of lenses that are used to achieve certain types of photos. It helps to get a mentor who is well established in this field of photography and ask them to guide you. It does not hurt sometimes to ask a well-established wildlife or nature photographers that you trust and ask them to take you with them to their next shoot.

Choose Your Niche

When you are just starting out, you may have to try different forms of photography. You may go to the wild and capture animal photos. You may decide you want to do macro photography and focus on tiny animals. Maybe you want to just do the wonders of nature by taking different forms of landscapes. As you progress, you will realize that you are getting more attached to one genre. Do not be afraid of pursuing it. When choosing your niche, remember to be guided by your passion and try to pick a less chosen category.


It can be a little difficult to make a name for yourself when you are just starting out. You need to network and liaise with other photographers in the same field. Join clubs and associations where you will get many opportunities and training activities. There are even professional clubs for global wildlife photographers.