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Updated 9-26-10 Much more to come



Denali National Park

Denali National Park


Denali National Park

Denali National Park

Denali National Park

Denali National Park


Chugach Mountains

Chugach Mountains

Bonnie Lake

Front range of the Alaska Range

Talkeetna Mountains with first blush of winter

Pioneer Peak Sunrise

Chugach Mountains sunrise

Chugach Sunrise

A small portion of Pioneer Falls

A New Day Dawns

Reflections at Jim Lake

Little Susitna river

Fall at Falls Creek

Lazy Mountain

Old Cabin in Hatcher Pass

Chugach Mountains

Chugach Mountains

Matanuska Peak

Chugach Mountains
At the Knik River flood plain.

Chugach Mountains
At the Knik River flood plain.

Chugach Mountains
At the Knik River flood plain.

After many months of not shooting any landscapes I finally got out for a few fall colors yesterday. 9/22/07

Chugach Mountains with the Knik river in the foreground.

Mt. Hunter  Part of the Alaska Range

Matanuska Glacier

Long Lake

Granite Creek

Mt. McKinley

Delta Junction Fall Colors. 06

Delta Junction Sunset 06

Alaska Range. Near Delta Junction AK. 06

Matanuska Peak. One of the dominate mountains in the Matanuska Valley. 06

Matanuska River Flood Plain with the Chugach Mountains on the right. 06

Chugach Mountains in there fall colors. 06

Chugach Mountains in a reflecting pond 06

Again high in the Talkeetna Mountains. Fireweed and Monks Hood in the foreground.

Along Archangel Road in the Talkeetna mountains. Reed Lakes trail goes to the head of this valley. The flowers in the the foreground are mostly wild Monks Hood.

Mt McKinley Know to Alaskans as Denali. Tallest peak in North America at 20,300 feet.

Pioneer Peak  A part of the Chugach Mountains. Taken fron Jim Lake

Reflection Lake

Bonnie Lake

Chugach Mountains Reflected

Chugach Mountains looking up the Knik River

Matanuska Peak  Probably my second favorite mountain to photograph in the Matanuska Valley.  Just north of Palmer Alaska.

 Hatcher Pass  This is a view from near the top looking Northwest. Yes thats a road in the bottom.

Archangel Valley in the Talketna mount ains

 Falls Creek

Falls Creek south of Anchorage about 15 miles. A very fun creek to photograph with a 100 or so small falls in three quarters of  a mile or so.

Small falls under a canopy of  green in Hatcher Pass

In the Talkeetna mountains the area is Archangel

Hatcher Pass

About mile 117 on the Glen Highway.

Along the Richardson Highway between Glenallen and Valdez

Keystone Canyon

Just North of Valdez AK. The drive from Glenallen to Valdez is a waterfall photographers dream. There must be a couple hundred in 112 miles.

Bridal Veil Falls

This is the last few feet of a very large falls.

Tolsona Lake

Along the Glen Highway near Glenallen AK.

Turnagain Pass

A very popular snowmobile and cross country ski area about 60 miles south east of Anchorage

Kenai Mountains

At Turnigan Pass on the Seward Highway

Kenai Mountains

Looking up the bay from Homer Spit Alaska

Little Susitna River Fall

Along the road to Hatcher Pass from the Palmer side.

Matanuska Peak 

Fall in the Chugach Mountains

Alaska Range

Face Rock in the Talkeetana Mountains

Mt. McKinley 20,300 feet Tallest peak in North America.

Slowed Water On the Little Susitna River

Mt Mckinley

Alaska Range From Denali Highway

Falls On The Little Susitna River

Richardson Pass

Black Rapids

Chugach Mountains From Jim Creek

Chugach Mountains from Jim Lake

Alaska Range  Mt. Foreaker left and Mt. McKinley right.

Mt. McKinley From the Princess Lodge near Talkeetna, Alaska

Archangel Valley in Hatcher Pass and the Talkeetna Mountains

Ptarmigan Peak Talkeetna Mountains

Matanuska Peak in Reflection

Matanuska Peak Sunrise

Pioneer Peak Reflecting From Jim Lake

Chugach Mountains

Hatcher Pass

Kenai Mountains

Chugach Mountains

Hatcher Pass

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